Private or Dealer – Where Should You Buy Your Next Car?

When buying a new car, you have options available to you. You could buy your car through a dealer or consider a private sale.

If you choose to purchase your vehicle from a motor dealer, it is best if they come personally recommended to you by a trusted friend, relative or colleague. If the dealership hasn’t been recommended to you, it’s important to check them out. Search the Internet for reviews and find out if they give a guarantee. What kind of aftersales services do they offer?

If you’re buying a car privately, the best option is knowing the current owner of the car personally. If you know them as someone who has looked after and cared for their car, and had it serviced regularly, then you can be pretty sure the car is a good buy.

It is important to be cautious when buying a car privately. Don’t pay cash for the car and don’t go to inspect the car by yourself. It would also be wise to check that the seller owns the car and that it is fully paid for. Ask to see the registration certificate of the car, which carries the name of the registered owner, and check this against the owner’s identification documents.