Eagle Mazda Women's Day Special

Model: Mazda 2 1.5L Active 6MT 5dr
Instalments from R2,799 x 72 months
10% Deposit: R27,510
Interest Rate: 4.37%
Retail from: R275,100
Initiation Fee: R1,208
Balloon: 35% from R96,285

World Class Performance

1.5L Petrol
85 Kw
148 Torque
5.4 combined L per 100km

World Class Reliability

Unlimited mileage service plan
Unlimited mileage warranty

Eagle Mazda 2 Special

Freedom starts now

From the moment you start your Mazda2, you feel the exhilaration that happens when a range of perfectly designed parts work in harmony and come to life in motion. 

It’s a feeling that can be captured through the Japanese expression ‘Jinba – Ittai’, the bond between a horse and rider. It’s the beauty of freedom to go anywhere.

Eagle Mazda 2 Special
Eagle Mazda 2 Special

A more enlightened drive

Getting a round never felt so good. The Mazda 2 is light on its feet around town, smooth-riding and sure of itself, everywhere you go. At every level, breakthrough SKYACTIV Technology has reduced weight and ramped up efficiency.

The 1.5 litre engine gives you lots of go, yet uses very little fuel. The Mazda2 is available in manual or automatic transmissions – both responsive and refined. With a body that cuts quietly through the air, the Mazda2 moves you in the most enjoyable way you could imagine.

Eagle Mazda 2 Special
Eagle Mazda 2 Special
Eagle Mazda 2 Special