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All car dealerships are the same?

Eagle Mazda is not the same. Eagle Mazda is more.

Eagle Mazda has been around since 1991; this is the first indication of how dedicated Eagle Mazda is to our customers and to our business. We take business, services and people seriously. At Eagle Mazda our service isn’t the only thing that is reliable, our AFTER-SALES SERVICE is reliable too. We can guarantee that you’ll be your happiest with Eagle Mazda.

Eagle Mazda has had the same team for most of our 26 years and has been run by the same management for most of its life. Here, at Eagle Mazda, our team makes the most of your experience with the dealership. The Mazda team has been around long enough to know our clients and what they expect.

What’s more?

Our staff is friendly and intuitive, getting to know you and what you like in order to enhance your experience with Eagle Mazda. We know that this keeps our customers happy – and that’s what keeps them coming back.

The second indication that your dealership is on point is asking:

What kind of comprehensive check they do on all the used cars that they sell? At Eagle Mazda, our Nearly New cars are inspected professionally and put to the test before we even consider selling it to you.

Our Checks include:

  • A comprehensive 160-point check from bonnet to tail light.
  • Mileage and service history is verified and a vehicle health statement is completed to ensure adherence to CPA laws.
  • All used vehicles are sold under the Quality Approved Used Car banner.
  • A 7-day exchange plan if offered if you’re not completely happy.
  • Used car purchases also enjoy the benefit of Eagle EXCLUSIVE 3-year free car wash policy.

While deciding on your favourite dealership, take into consideration what added value you are offered with Eagle Mazda.

With Eagle Mazda, our customers receive a free carwash for 3 years. If that’s not enough to keep our clients happy, Eagle Mazda has free Wi-Fi in the coffee shop. You can wait for your car to be serviced with DSTV and free coffee too. These are just a few of our perks to keep our customers happy and enhance their experience with us.

We also have a dedicated Mazda service centre as part of Eagle Mazda. Which is fully dedicated to our Eagle Mazda customers. Eagle Mazda has specialist service centres dedicated to keeping you updated on your vehicle.

When looking at different dealerships, you need to know that our team is qualified here, at Eagle Mazda. We have a team of highly trained service technicians and our sales staff are trained to put your best interests first.

Looking for a Mazda? Our expert Eagle Mazda staff will happily assist you! So ask the right questions and you can be sure you’ll get the right kind of motoring peace of mind.

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