The New Ranger Raptor

Meet the Ford Ranger Raptor

The all-new Ford Ranger Raptor is one that you should consider, with its high-performance design and sleek sexy look. Its form and bold front ensure that this vehicle exudes radiance and confidence no matter where it goes. Its headlights add to its strong and sleek appearance while also making it assertive and enhancing the driver’s visibility when you need it most. The easy-access doors give the Ranger Raptor a hassle-free and convenient appeal that is not easily found in other bakkies.


The Ranger Raptor is a modern vehicle with a forward-thinking design

Its adaptive cruise control and assistance keep you in your lane, allowing you to drive confidently, so you can rest easy with the Ranger Raptor and be sure to enjoy shorter travel times. The Ranger Raptor is luxurious and has chrome accents throughout its dashboard as well as other modern design features to keep you comfortable and classy. You can also enjoy leather-lined interiors which offer you a whole new first-class experience. The steering wheel is ergonomically designed and offers you easy access to all your media on the go without even looking away from the road. You may call us or leave a message online to book a test drive in the exciting Ford Ranger Raptor.

Terrain Management System With 6 pre-set driving modes to choose from at the turn of a button
Ranger Raptor
LED fog lamps LED fog lamps and integrated HID headlamps with daytime running lights
Ranger Raptor
FOX Racing Shocks limit-breaking suspension which has been crafted to take on and conquer the toughest terrain
Ranger Raptor


Experience off-road pleasure with this truly unique vehicle

With the new Ford Ranger Raptor, you can. Did you know that the Ford Ranger Raptor is South Africa’s first-ever factory-built truck? Another reason you should book your test drive and come in and view this beautiful bakkie. With so many amazing benefits and features, there is no question as to what bakkie you should invest in for your business. Choose the one that will set you apart from the rest. 

Magnesium Paddle Shifters Paddles allow for fast gear changes without you having to take your hands off the wheel
Ranger Raptor
Body-Contoured Sports Seats Wrapped in body-contoured sports seats
Ranger Raptor
10-Speed Auto Transmission Technology Delivers more top-end power, more bottom-end torque, improved acceleration and quicker gear changes
Ranger Raptor

Contact Eagle Ford today to book a test drive in the brand-new Ford Ranger Raptor as soon as possible.