Eagle Ford

Are you one of those who believe that that when it comes to car dealerships, one size fits all?

Well you couldn’t be more wrong and there are a number of questions you need to ask in this regard.

One of the most important, is to ask just how long has the dealership been operating?

This way you know how reliable their service is and most especially just how reliable their AFTER-SALES SERVICE. The number of years a dealership has been in business speaks volumes about its reputation. So when you know a dealership has been operating for 34 years like Eagle Ford has, you know exactly what to expect.While there are several dealerships out there that are over 30 years old, very few have the experience that equates to Eagle Ford’s. Eagle Ford has had the same owners, managers and is a family business. We have had mostly the same personnel during our 34 years of business. We have over 700 years of combined management experience in the dealership. For our customers to know that the same person will be at Eagle Ford year after year; a sales person who knows their customer well and is there to help and assist them, is what makes the difference when choosing Eagle Ford as your preferred dealership.

Secondly, you should ask what kind of comprehensive checks they do on all the used cars that they sell?

At Eagle Ford, our entire used vehicle fleet are professionally inspected and tested before your purchase to ensure peace of mind motoring.

This includes:

  • A comprehensive 160-point check from bonnet to tail light.
  • Mileage and service history is verified and a vehicle health statement is completed to ensure adherence to CPA laws.
  • All used vehicles are sold under the Quality Approved Used Car banner.
  • A 7-day exchange plan if offered if you’re not completely happy
  • Used car purchases also enjoy the benefit of Eagle EXCLUSIVE 3-year free car wash policy.

Then ask what added value offerings will you be provided with?

At Eagle Ford there’s a free car wash service for 3 years for our customers, free Wi-Fi in the coffee shop when you choose to just relax or wait for your car to be serviced plus there’s DSTV and free coffee. We also offer on-floor finance with deals that suit our customers. It all makes for a better and more rewarding all-round experience.

Do they have their own service centre? This is vital if anything goes wrong and you need it resolved immediately.

At Eagle Ford, you’ll find a specialist Ford service centres.

For any used vehicles there is also a specialist service centre to ensure your car is always running smoothly.

And finally, are the staff qualified?

Eagle Ford, for example, has the most highly trained service technicians and our sales staff is the most comprehensively trained in the industry.

So ask the right questions and you can be sure you’ll get the right kind of motoring peace of mind.

Head over to Eagle Ford and be certain of the excellent service you’ll receive from our highly qualified staff.